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Best Running Shoes For Plantar Fasciitis

Best Running Shoes For Plantar Fasciitis

Heel spurs, itching, pains and other related sufferings are some of the common injuries and problems that many of the runners face. These injuries and problems may be natural or a result of improper forms or techniques used for running. Reasons may be several but any runner suffering from one of these problems would surely witnessing frustration with continued running and may eventually quit running and other activities. Although this is not a solution, a complete understanding of problems and ways of dealing with it would not only help with making you feel better but would further prevent from injuries. One of the problems that we are focusing here is plantar fasciitis. This is yet another common problem that runners face and can be dealt with the best shoes for plantar fasciitis that can give your feet enhanced comfort, stability and support.

What is plantar fasciitis?

Plantar fasciitis is a condition that is usually caused by improper technique of working, naturally improper structure of feet (biomechanical issues), improper running shoes, and instant increase in pressure by exceeding duration or intensity of running and there can be other causes for this problem to occur. Such activities can exert excessive pressure on tissues that connect from heel to toes’ base and are termed as plantar fascia. These are actually bands that support walking, running and other activities of feet but are not too flexible. Thus any overuse or over-pronation can cause them to tear.

When a person suffers from this injury, he/she may witness acute sharp pain or an aching sensation deep within the heel or around arch. Inflammation, stiffness and pain can warm up and suppress but it may recur if proper care and treatment is not provided to injured feet. Additionally, neglecting proper warm-up and cooling-down exercises for body can be another cause of this problem. People who do a lot of hill work may also become a victim.

Usually one feet is affected with PF however some people may suffer from this experience in both of their feet.

Running tips for plantar fasciitis?

This common injury can be healed over run provided you follow proper techniques and tips that could keep your feet comfortable with stability and support during run so that your condition may heal rather than worsen up. Here are some important tips for runners to follow on the run with PF:

  • Keep an eye on your form of running. Try to keep your legs as relaxed as possible while running. Attention should be given on your glutes and calves as well. Make sure no excessive pressure is applied on these parts of your lower legs so that your body remains relaxed.
  • Naturally your body’s running form enables you to fit the heel first that may worsen your situation. Try to make a strike through middle of your foot. This would not only reduce impact on your heel but overall effect would keep PF ligament at ease.
  • While running your body should be leading while your legs should follow. This could be attained by slightly leaning from ankles and by running with short strides. Keeping this form would help you in landing with feet directly under your center mass.
  • Due to severe pains and other symptoms, PF may need you to stop running. Don’t worry about it as you will be able to recover and get back to running. Listen to your body and don’t force it to run or workout.
  • Running with or after PF, only increase strike by 10% so that impact is reduced and you can continue to heal on the run.
  • If you are witnessing any pain on the run, decrease your running distance or stop running if needed. Reduce running time and if you try to run same distance and same speed; you may worsen your condition.
  • Make sure that you wear a PF supportive pair of running shoe. Select a pair that suits your condition and foot type.
  • Stretching on the run is one of the finest exercise for dealing with plantar fasciitis. Not only stretch when you are suffering from this problem but stretch otherwise to and it would prevent you from risk of developing PF pains again in future.

PF involves stiffness, inflammation, pains and other problems with your feet. Don’t panic to return to your normal speed and distance; rather keep patience. Give your body some time to recover and as it heels you can slowly and gradually return to your original pace and even exceed performance over time.

Top 5 running shoes for plantar fasciitis – Men

1. ASICS Men's GEL-Kayano 22

ASICS’ Kayano series of shoes are recommended when you are looking for some high quality running shoes with all the features for comfort, support and stability. The GEL-Kayano 22 is a perfect pair with its modern design and impressive performance. With its idealistic support system, they offer complete stability and comfort to people suffering from PF.

Attractive Features:

  • These shoes offer complete support to over-pronators with its new sleek FluidFit upper and heel clutching system. It keeps your feet secure and gives them a perfect fit with enhanced bounce back and lighter weight.
  • It features GEL Cushioning and FluidRide bounce-back cushioning that offers improved shock absorption and comfort.
  • Gait-enhancing Impact Guidance System improves natural gait of your feet.


  • High quality imported rubber sole for durability.
  • Impressive arch and heel support for enhanced stability.
  • Comfortable cushioning feel for your feet.
  • Available in a range of different colors.


  • High price tag in comparison to other alternatives.
  • You may need to size up as fit is a bit tight.

Recommended for: This pair of running shoes is most suitable for people with low arches, flat feet, and over-pronators and for those suffering from plantar fasciitis.

2. ASICS Men's GEL Nimbus 17

This running shoe is another revolutionary product by ASICS that has been offering some of the best running shoes in market for all different kinds of runners. Although this one has improved comfort and stability for neutral feet but at the same time it offers enhanced support for improved efficiency.

Attractive Features:

  • FluidFit upper that gives you a comfortable fit preventing your feet to suffer from blisters.
  • Improved FluidRide midsole for a rich ride.
  • GEL Cushioning support for rear and forefoot that makes running comfortable even with plantar fasciitis.
  • ComforDry X-40 Sockliner and Guidance Trustic System offers enhanced support and comfort for running and other activities.


  • Improved cushioning and support is offered for improved performance.
  • It glows in the dark that enables you to make your steps right on the mark even in dark.
  • Breathable outsole and impressive moisture management system.


  • This shoe is a bit heavy and large in size.
  • You may not be comfortable for long distances run.

Recommended for: This pair of running shoe is most suitable for people running with neutral stride and for moderate to extreme under-pronators.

3. New Balance Men's M990v3

This running shoe is an excellent support for athletes specially those suffering from PF. It offers a complete balance along with flexibility of movement with complete comfort for runners to exceed in their performance. If you are looking for a safe running shoe to improve your efficiency, you should opt for this one.

Attractive Features:

  • Flexible rubber sole that only offers flexibility of movement but also ensures complete comfort for feet.
  • It is designed with leather fabric on most areas to ensure softness and easiness while running. Moreover it features soft oriented EVA foam midsole under feet area along with dual density collar for added comfort.


  • Soft cushioning comfort makes this shoe easier and more suitable for people suffering from feet injuries and problems.
  • Design and manufacturing is well-focused with each detail considered.
  • It offers protection against shock.
  • Multiple sizes can offer suitable pick for different feet types.


  • It lacks in durability as quality of the shoe is such that it may deteriorate quicker than its competitors.

Recommended for: These shoes are suitable for runners of different feet sizes and even a good choice for heavy runners. These shoes are termed to be one of the best sneakers for people suffering from PF.

4. Salomon Men's Speedcross 3

This pair of running shoe is a complete package that not only offers you support for flat surface running but also supports wet and sloppy trail running. So if you are looking for an adventurous run, make sure you opt for this running shoe that is aggressively designed for comfort and grip.

Attractive Features:

  • It features water-resistance and anti-debris mesh upper that makes it a complete fit for trail running under different conditions.
  • Mud & Snow Contagrip non-marking rubber outsole making it a suitable choice for all weather conditions.
  • Sensifit technology and Quicklace system along with durable outsole makes it a robust running shoe.
  • Reduced forefoot that makes feet lower to the ground preventing the risk of injuries.
  • Increased stability with wider heel through sole.


  • Light weight yet strong construction.
  • Protective rubber toe cap gives you on and off surface protection.
  • Ortholite insole gives you performance along with cushioning comfort, moisture absorption and breathability.
  • Mesh upper enhances breathability too.
  • Options for many colors.


  • For roads, this shoe is a bit too rigid.
  • Expensive

Recommended for: These running shoes are most suitable for people who often would be running over trails and rough terrains under different weather conditions.

5. Adidas Performance Men's Speed Trainer 2

Complete lockdown fit with a light weight synthetic and mesh upper that offers you complete comfort. Designed with features to offer multi-surface usability and a greater movement and grip for all kinds of surfaces.

Attractive Features:

  • Light weight upper with synthetic and mesh lets your feet breathe in during a run and keeps them cool and comfortable.
  • Added comfort is ensured with Ortholite foam sock liners.
  • These shoes are more responsive and have additional EVA padding through midsoles for articulated comfort.
  • Multi-surface traction control is offered so that you can run and do other activities over different surfaces.


  • Imported rubber sole for durability.
  • Light weight comfortable shoe most suitable for baseball training along with other activities that involves running.
  • Padding comfort to give your heel, arch and other areas of feet more comfort.


  • Runs small.
  • Fitting is a bit of a problem for some people.

Recommended for: Most suitable for men looking for comfortable and supportive shoes for any kind of running activity. It works well on all different surfaces with greater traction and grip for stability.

Top 5 running shoes for plantar fasciitis – Women

1. ASICS Women's GEL-Venture 5

This running shoe by ASICS is designed with durability and breathability to give women runners comfortable running over new trails. Outsole of this running shoe is designed to suit both uphill and downhill running with impressive support, stability and protection against shock.

Attractive Features:

  • Outsole of this running shoe is designed to work well for running on varied surfaces even rough terrain.
  • Uphill and downhill running is made easier with trail specific outsole featuring reversed lugs for greater traction.
  • Durability is ensured with ASICS High Abrasion Rubber Outsole.
  • Sockliner is removable that makes it easier to maintain and you can even replace it with custom orthotics to suit your specific PF condition.
  • Impact protection and comfort is ensured with its Rearfoot GEL cushioning system.


  • Bright mesh overlays.
  • High quality durable construction.
  • Multiple-surface running support.
  • Breathability


  • These running shoes are a bit heavier.
  • They may support small runs.
  • These shoes are not water-resistant.

Recommended for: The GEL-Venture 5 running shoes are most suitable for neutral feet with under or no over pronation.

2. ASICS Women's GEL-Kayano 22

Enhanced grip and support is ensured with textured outsole and a modern design not only makes this running shoe efficient as well as beautiful in appearance. This running shoe is one of the Best shoes for plantar fasciitis as it has features that offer them support and comfort that their aching feet needs.

Attractive Features:

  • Outstanding durability with reduced weight cushioning is ensured with FluidRide bounce back feature of this running shoe.
  • ASICS’ Rearfoot and Forefoot GEL Cushioning is there to offer ultimate shock and impact absorption for runners.
  • Intense stability and support is made possible by linking this shoe with ASICS’ Impact Guidance System.


  • Durable imported rubber material for sole durability.
  • Mesh overlays enhances breathability while running.
  • Arch and heel support for PF sufferers and others.
  • A range of colors with cushioning comfort.


  • Expensive in comparison to other running shoe pairs.
  • Size fitting can be a problem so make sure you try and find a size perfect for you before buying.

Recommended for: Runners with flat feet, low arches along with those who over-pronate or have PF injury.

3. Nike Women's Free 5.0+

Impressive engineering with a comfortable feel and fit is incorporated with design of Nike Women’s Free 5.0+. This pair of running shoe is for anyone who is looking for really light weight and flexible pair that could fit in feet well and at the same time provide support for efficient running.

Attractive Features:

  • This running shoe is built with enhanced cushioning in comparison to its predecessors.
  • It features a flexible outsole that enables you to move naturally according to the pattern of your feet and style.
  • Added traction is ensured with its strategically designed rubber lugs grip.
  • Breathable mesh ad Flywire upper makes it even more comfortable.
  • Complete foot support to cover long distances is a result of its Flywire fibers and internal sockliner.


  • It comes in a variety of cool colors to suit tastes of different athletes/runners.
  • Flexibility and comfort with light weight makes it a comfortable running shoe.
  • Easy to put on and take off with its size being secure fit.


  • You may not be able to run too fast with this pair of shoes.

Recommended for: These running shoes are best for people with a natural gait. The design is such that it would restrict inward rolling and helps runner with its shock and impact absorption feature.

4. Salomon Women's XR Mission

Another impressive choice for PF suffering women runners is a maximalist shoe that offers stability with support and a light weight feel for runner to cover short or long distances running.

Attractive Features:

  • Cushioning support for midsole with EVA molded cushioning that reduces the impact of shoe weight while keeping your feet at ease.
  • Mesh upper makes way for air to pass through to reduce moisture and heat and improve breathability.
  • Sensifit technology gives this shoe a secure fit that encourages natural movement.
  • Sensiflex construction gives your foot complete expansion and stretch support while running.
  • Contagrip outsole provides a stronger hold and greater traction for ease of running on rough and slippery surfaces.
  • Excessive cushioning towards heel for support with aching PF.
  • Quicklace system gives you one pull comfortable lace tightening customized fit.


  • Breathability with mesh ventilation.
  • Complete comfort and support with EVA midsole.
  • Ease and secure lacing system enables you to keep running.
  • Suitable for multiple surfaces even for rough or slippery trails.


  • Size and proper fit may be a problem for some.

Recommended for: This pair of running shoe is suitable for runners who frequently go off-road running under different weather conditions. Its excessive comfort and support towards heel and midsole makes it a smart choice for PF sufferers.

5. Saucony Women's Cohesion 9

Popular for keeping people on the move with its excellent cushioning and support system, the Saucony Women’s Cohesion 9 is a combination of fit, comfort and performance. Designed while keeping in mind varied feet biomechanics, this shoe allows athletes to enjoy running activity.

Attractive Features:

  • Breathable mesh upper of this running shoes keeps your feet cool throughout running and any other activity.
  • Stability and cushioning support is ensured with its responsive Heel Grid system in midsole.
  • Flexibility of run is added with flex grooves included in design of this shoe.


  • Padded shoe gives you comfortable run.
  • It is engineered with high quality imported rubber that makes it durable.
  • Lace-up closure enables ease of running.
  • Suitable for varied surfaces running.
  • Inexpensive


  • According to some feet, toe box is not too comfortable. Some people suggested that it should have been wider.
  • It may not support long runs but is a good choice for travelling short distances.

Recommended for: A good choice for daily running training and these running shoes are a perfect fit for beginner runner and for people with wide feet suffering from PF, bunions and other related injuries.

Best Choice Running Shoe for Men& Women with Plantar Fasciitis:

ASICS GEL-Kayano 22 Running Shoe: In our recommendation, we found the ASICS GEL-Kayano 22 Running Shoe to be one of the Best shoes for plantar fasciitis suffering men and women. We reviewed its features and specifications and it thus proves to be a winner that fulfills all the needs of a runner with this specific problem. It offers strong heel and arch support along with a higher degree of cushioning and shock absorption features that are a must to ensure longer and comfortable running of men with PF. Apart from that if you want additional support, you can easily add more inserts with these shoes having extra room. A responsive upper, comfortable fit, supportive heel counter, flexibility yet a complete secure foot lock are all the features that a PF sufferer may be looking for and all of these are attributes of GEL-Kayano 22. It may be a bit expensive than others but with all the features and support system that this shoe offer, it proves to give you great value for the price charged.

Ultimate guide to get the best shoes for Plantar Fasciitis:

What to look for?

When you are looking for a running shoes for plantar fasciitis or otherwise, you may need to make some trials. Although many of the running shoes may claim that they can completely cure PF but the truth is a right pair of shoes for you can be found by trying it yourself. Not all running shoes would fit anyone. All individuals have different feet, different stride and different style of running. So, you would need to check if a particular pair of running shoe works for you or not. The type of shoe that you may select would purely depend upon your own style and feet. Apart from a perfect fit and suitable shoe pair according to your style and feet type, before selecting a particular pair specifically for plantar fasciitis some considerations must be taken in to account. A running shoe that you select should have below mentioned qualities and features that would not only make your run faster but would help you in covering long distances.

Essential Features:

  • Shock Absorption: A running shoe pair that you chose should have a shock absorption mechanism. So when you strike your heel on the ground, the force gets dissipated rather than impacting completely on your feet to cause further problems.
  • Comfortable Cushioning: Another important feature is to have completely comfortable cushioning especially around heel area of your feet. This is to ensure that your heel remains protected and this additional cushioning would keep it safe from further injuries.
  • Strong Heel and Arch Support: The running shoe pair that you should buy must have strong heel and arch counters. With a firm support, your heel and arch will be at right positions keeping them safe during a run.
  • Firm Heel Counter: Complete support for your heel area is needed in order to avoid overstressing your injured foot. Solid heel counter is thus a must.
  • Flexible Toe-box: The key is to avoid exerting much pressure on plantar fascia while running and a flexible toe-box will help you in removing pressure.
  • Dual-Density Midsoles: This feature enables running shoe to keep arch at a right position so that it doesn’t roll inwards.

PF Suitable Running Shoe with Feet Type:

  • Some people may have high arches. For such condition a running shoe that offers impressive movement control along with strong arch support should be considered.
  • Some people may have flat feet and they over-pronate, if that is the case with you; you should be concerned about support, stability as well as comfort. So look for a pair that could offer you good arch support along with cushioning around heel area.
  • Some runners may be overweight, for them maximum comfort for their feet is needed along with a firm support so that they don’t overstress their injured feet.

Tips to Remember:

While choosing a running shoe for PF, here are some important tips to consider:

  • A running shoe would be considered a suitable choice for PF sufferers, if it only bends from front and remains rigid towards the back half.
  • Do not buy a running shoe simply because it looks beautiful.
  • Buy a running shoe that may not be good looking but offers you comfort, stability and complete support that is needed for PF injuries.

Do not:

  • Opt for running shoes from unreliable brands.
  • Buy cheap running shoes constructed from low quality material.
  • Opt for running shoes that area too light and flexible.
  • Buy running shoes with no heel and arch support.

Tips for choosing properly fitted shoes:

When it comes to a pair of shoe that fits well, first and the foremost consideration should be what activity are these shoes meant for? This is most important as not any ordinary shoe would give you comfortable running or would support any other sports activity. For running, you would need to buy a proper pair that is specifically designed for running and not just any ordinary shoe. A running shoe would have proper cushioning, shock absorption, stability and other features that would not only keep your comfortable and safe but would also improve your running performance. So you must not use your walking shoes for running and vice versa rather buy a separate running shoe pair.A running shoe serves all these functions along with others and thus it is most important to have a pair that perfectly fits your feet so that you can have a happy running routine. A shoe that doesn’t fit well can cause serious injuries such as bunions, plantar fasciitis, fractures, corns and other serious problems. So here are some tips that could help you in finding a right fitted pair of running shoe:

  • Do not buy on the basis of any assumption. Your foot size and shape may change with time and thus before buying a proper foot wear; make sure you measure your feet to buy a size that would fit you best. While doing so, make sure you measure both your feet as size of one can differ from another.
  • After a tough running routine or at the end of the day, your feet swell and flatten, so make sure you measure size at the end of a day. This is to ensure that you remain comfortable in that foot wear for all day long.
  • Do not depend on size and description of a particular shoe and brand rather try a pair of running shoes before buying it so that you can find a pair according to your own comfort level. When you wear a pair for trial, run around to see if you are comfortable with those shoes. Try both shoes before buying and walk preferably on a hard surface rather than carpeted surface.
  • Your running shoe shape should match the shape of your feet.
  • Don’t just focus on fit and outside of shoes but look what is inside too. There may be some materials or tags that can cause irritation so make sure you take that in to consideration too.
  • Ensure that the shoes that you are planning to buy has enough space in toe-box. Stand up and see if your longest toe and shoe has a space of about a finger in between.
  • It is best to opt for shoes that are half size up so that you have enough space for your toes. Do not buy shoes that are too big. Also don’t buy shoes that are too small and you should not expect them to stretch over time to fit well.
  • Try shoes with the pair of socks that you will be wearing for running activity so that you can ensure a perfect and comfortable fit.
  • Always believe on your own body and feet comfort. Buy what you find most comfortable for yourself.

How to take care of your running shoes?

A good pair of running shoes would not be cheap. If you are spending a 100 USD and more for getting a good running shoe pair; of course you would want it to last for long. Abusing your running shoes can ruin all your investment in only some days. Life of your running shoes would completely depend upon how well you take care of your running shoes (provided you have bought a quality pair). Premature wear out, lost cushioning and other similar causes are mostly because you don’t take proper care of these shoes.Even when you take proper care of your running shoes, they still wear out as they get exposed to all the dirt, dust, bacteria and sweat as you run for hours with them on your feet. You can’t simply avoid these things but you can take care of upper and insole of running shoes to keep them in good condition. So the question is how to maintain your running shoes? Answer to this question lies in the tips that we are sharing here:

Tips for Proper Use:

  • Do not rush while wearing or taking off your running shoes. Instead try to wear them properly. Many a times you are in rush and you just remove your shoes without undoing the lace, this can badly affect fitting and structure of your shoes. Avoid that.
  • While running, you may get your shoes wet too. If your running shoes get wet, avoid putting them in direct heat to try up. Rather remove the laces and insole and let your shoes air dry. Direct heat can damage leather and other materials.
  • Buy two pairs instead of one. Rotate running shoes pair and they will last longer. As you rotate pairs each of them would get some time to decompress and dry.

Tips for Cleaning:

  • Do not attempt to wash your running shoes in washing machine or dryer.
  • If you find that your running shoes need to be cleaned, remove the sockliner and insole (if removable). Wash them separately. Also remove laces and wash separately.
  • Use an old toothbrush with mild warm water in a little quantity along with a mild anti-bacterial or anti-grease soap to remove dirt.
  • Let your running shoes air dry.

Tips for Storage:

  • Your running shoes should be stored in a clear dry environment preferably at room temperature in order to avoid any damage.
  • Don’t store them in a box. As air would circulate through shoes, any residue or moisture will dry up and it will keep your shoes fresh.
  • Store them in a place where there is proper ventilation and avoid direct heat.

Tips for Replacement:

  • Avoid wearing shoes that are worn out or you may face injuries and common running problems that may become serious issues.
  • It is recommended that running shoes must be replaced after every 400 miles. Although you need to judge yourself. If your outsole has begun to wear out or there are other problems with your running shoes, you may replace them earlier.

If you follow these tips and take care of your running shoes, you will not need to replace them quickly. Follow the routine of taking care of your running shoes after each run and make it a habit to ensure proper care and maintenance.

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Do I need to see a doctor?


If you develop PF, pain and other symptoms associated with this injury would continue to follow you with any activity that would need you to be on your feet. It may make your life frustrating and miserable as you continue to work with this pain without resting and proper treatment. Getting best running shoes for plantar fasciitis is something that would be best thing that you could do for treatment and further prevention from this problem to get worsen. So get a comfortable pair of running shoes that offers you complete stability and support for your heel and arch. Doing so would make running easier and enjoyable.